PRESS RELEASE, 21ST September 2022.


South Sudan Internet Governance Forum 2022

It is with great pleasure that The Internet Governance Forum( IGF) South Sudan invites media houses in Juba to this year’s Internet Governance Forum (Conference).

The Internet Governance Forum is an open and inclusive multi-stakeholder forum where public policy issues related to key elements of Internet governance issues, such as the Internet’s sustainability, robustness, security, stability, and development are discussed to find solutions.

The theme for this year’s IGF is “Towards a holistic approach to Internet Governance in South Sudan: Consumer Rights, Competition, and universal access.”

At the annual IGF event, participants from academia, private sector, government, technical community and the civil society discuss exchange information and share good practices. The IGF helps to facilitate a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and address existent and foreseeable challenges through a bottom-up, multistakeholder, open, transparent, and inclusive manner.

Date: 23rd September 2022

Venue: Palm Africa Hotel

Time: 9 AM – 4PM C.A.T

For media comments contact:

Poni Henry

Tel: +211919629965


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